Monday, April 27, 2009

Directions for Baby Sling

Directions for Securing the Baby Sling
1. Place the sling across your waist with the printed fabric centered at your tummy.
2. Take the two ends around back and cross, then bring over each shoulder back to front.
3. Tuck the ends of the sling through the printed fabric top to bottom.
4. Cross the ends in front and bring the fabric around behind your back.
5. You now have the option of tying a double knot to secure the sling. If there is enough fabric, cross the ends again behind your back and bring around to the front to tie a double knot at your side.
6.  Spread out the fabric coming down and over your shoulders. The shoulder pieces coming across your chest now create a pocket for your child to be carried in! 

Snug Hold (as shown in video)
1. Slide baby down from your shoulder into the pocket of fabric that is nearest to your body. The baby's legs will remain tucked in the fetal position.
2. Spread fabric to cover snuggly around baby's body including butt, back and shoulders.
3. Spread the opposite pocket around baby's body.
4. Pull the printed fabric section up and over the baby for added  support.
* Babies will let you know when they are ready to stretch their legs out of this position. you can then pull baby's leg through the opposite side piece allowing the pocket to still support the baby's butt, back and shoulders while keeping the legs free. (See baby facing forward for more descriptive instructions)

Cradle Hold (great for nursing babies)
1. Fold each piece of fabric coming down from your shoulders in half. Creating a pocket of fabric on each side.
2. Place baby's upper body and head into the pocket you've created closest to your body. Spread the fabric around your baby to evenly support them.
3. Place baby's legs into the other pocket and evenly spread fabric over baby's legs, butt and back.
4. Bring the printed fabric portion of the sling up and over your baby for additional support.

Baby Facing Forward Hold (for babies that can support their own head)
1. With baby facing forward slide one leg through the shoulder piece closest to your body.
2. Put baby's other leg through the shoulder piece on the opposite side.
3. Spread out fabric on both sides over the baby's body to create a tight pocket for support.
4. Pull up the printed fabric up and over baby for added support. It is your option to keep baby's legs in side printed pouch or pull them through the printed fabric to support your baby's midsection.